Campus of a community college in Jalan Parangtritis BantulYogyakarta made ​​a scene. The reason is, there is an individual student initials Y (20) Pacific Islands origin pose naked. Ironically, coed nude photos are widespread in cyberspace. Later known, beautiful student already has a husband initials FJ. Both are still a student. Who upload nude photos allegedly private tutor the student, berinisal W who was also still a student.

Allegedly, the student with the initials W is doing taking nude photos of the student after they have sex like husband and wife. "My husband, then please ask to my lawyer," said the student husband is now confirmed via his wife's cell phone on Wednesday (14 / 12/2011). He also admitted the nude photos she had been reported to the Police Headquarters DIY, Tuesday, December 13 at approximately 14:30 pm yesterday. He hoped that the police follow up and resolve the case to court. "Help me disguised campus (not mentioned), please partnership," he said via text message.


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