Brenda and Gary Zelda Zelda has the best-selling coffee shops in the State of Michigan, the United States, this is because the coffee barista or waiter are women - sexy women and wearing only underwear. asione As reported, a coffee shop named The Hotspot Coffee Company even provide special services every Tuesday (Topless Tuesdays) with all the waiters appeared topless and for Friday (Flasher Fridays) the waiters look very sexy. delicious coffee is not easy to find even in the coffee shop even this is not too bad, but because appearance barista makes the customers feel at home keep coming here. Barista is the name for someone whose job it is to make and serve coffee to customers. The word "barista" is derived from the Italian language meaning "barmaid". Sangking popularity, the business quickly expanded and already has a third branch. Interested in trying? 


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