Stories Adults | Goyagan Super Fanged Stories Adults - Call it my name Lilis. It's been two years I worked as a maid in the family of Mr. Dimas, a village chief who is highly respected by the locals. And as long as I felt it was also bittersweet to be a servant, including perkosa.Malam sweetness in the air was hot, until I hard time sleeping. It was only after I changed clothes with a thin negligee and turn on the fan, barilah I could fall asleep.

In bed I was dreaming, Mr Jali, who is the family chauffeur Mr Dimas, come see me. Funnily enough, Mr Jali came to see me in the nude. Although he was already middle-aged, and the body is rather short, but he still has a stocky posture and muscular. Typical village people who like to work hard. 

And what amused me was the "fruit of eggplant" beautiful hanging in his groin. Ih ..., so menggemaskan.Perlahan he slowly approached me and immediately squeezed squeeze my breasts have free open. Somehow Mr. Jali caress feels so real, like not in a dream. Even when thick lips started crushing my ears I got jerked and slowly awake from my sleep. Yet how surprised I was when I learned what actually happens. Turns out what I felt was not just a dream.Before me turns out there really is a figure Mr Jali who embraced my body. "Mr. Jali ...! What do you do ...? "I encourage Mr. Jali body tightly so that he fell back to the rear. I immediately covered my body was also almost naked with a blanket. "Calm down, doh! I've always harbored my soul to you ...! "Return Pak Jali tried embrace my body. But I pushed him back firmly to the back. "Go ...!" Snapped. "Or I'll yell" please shout! Useless you cried. Because no one will ever hear. Did you forget, Mr. Dimas and family this afternoon had gone to London for the holidays! So better just obey my wishes! "Mr. Jali smile sinis.Aku more frightened when Mr. Jali back toward me.Immediately, I jumped out of bed and tried to run to the door with a naked condition. But damn! I lost quickly with Mr. Jali. Quickly, he hit me from behind and squeeze myself into the wall. His hands grip my arm into the wall, while both feet locked my legs and it was hard to move. I tried to struggle mightily. But in vain, sir Jali power is far more powerful than the energies that only a woman. Increasingly powerful I struggled, the stronger the grip Pak Jali in my body. "Please, sir!Let me go! "I was crying and begging to Mr. Jali. But it's useless. He did not listen to my words.Even with Mr. Jali menghunjamiku wild with ciuaman killer. Eventually tanagaku drained. My body became limp. I could not do anything else. All I can do is surrender and obey the rules Pak Jali.Perlahan slowly began to loosen the grip of Pak Jali. Treatment of the original rough start to soften and turn into soft. Even I started to go in the game when Mr. Jali began gently rub the bridge of his manhood into my thigh. Immediately my legs felt weak and limp. I had enough self sustain my weight, so I started to droop. But swiftly, Mr. Jali immediately arrest me, 

lifted and carried me to the ranjang.Sesaat Pak Jali face flashed a winning smile. Then she began to gently crushed my lips. Somehow I do not the power to resist. There is even a strong impulse in me to reply lumatannya it. "Well ..., so dong doh! If it's more comfortable this way, "said Mr. Jali senang.Aku smiled sheepishly." You were right, maybe I'd better obey the father of the first one. Moreover, long also I did not get a touch of the man "Return Pak Jali smiling happy." So, what are you doing wearing earlier tried to rebel, Lis? "" I was just shocked it. Beneath a humble father, really heart-how could father tried to rape me. BUT ..., ah never mind! Its important: now I've become the property of Mr. "Back Pak Jali started mencumbuku. kisses began to spread through the neck and then down to my breasts. mustache thick rough skin wipe my chest causing a sensation getting me seemed to fly into angkasa.Ciuman and licking Pak Jali kept moving down. while his left hand wringing my breasts, his right hand was busy at the base of my thigh to make a guess torsion-torsion favors. "Oh ..., Mr Jali! Do not torture me like this! "Jali rengekku.Pak not care what I said. Indeed he even parted the weeds blocking the cave door darbaku." Well ..., Lis!'s beautiful memiaw you. pink color with a fragrant smell. ... Oh, really fascinating . was like a red rose that was broke in the morning. Would you take good care. ... Oh, doh! I love the memiaw like this ...! "Slowly Mr. Jali stuck his tongue out and wipe the surface of the clit. feels rough, indeed . 

But delicious! "Please, sir ...! Ouhh ..., I could not take it anymore. I kept begging to Mr. Jali. But she kept toying with my emotions. Finally I find the initiative else.I tried to fondle Mr Jali stocky body, looking for eggplant fruit that hangs on the base pahanya.Dan not hard for me to find that big eggplant fruit. With soft and spoiled, I began to shake sticks Kont * l Pak Jali in accompanied with a massage-massage that made ​​him brake literacy. Slowly I guided Kont * lnya heading memiawku already wet. But with rogue, Mr Jali just stick and rub head * lnya Kont above my vagina lips. Tingled, memeng. But the sensation that I was feeling so good. I've never felt anything like it. "Oh ..., Mr Jali! Come on .... I already can not stand anymore ..., cepet enter your dong! "I can not stand to be treated like that. Slowly I raised my ass up to welcome Mr Jali masculinity that has ngaceng. Then I pressed Mr Jali ass down so Kont * l it can go perfectly. "Aaarrrghhh ...!"

I scream when the stem Kont * l Pak Jali large hole had pierced pussy. Originally feels sluggish and sore, because of the size k * ntol Mr Jali is big and long when compared to that of my husband. But after that eggplant fruit embedded in a rut for a while in my vagina, the pain was slowly transformed into land-Pak flavor nikmat.Perlahan Jali began swinging his ass up and down. "Hooohh .., sir! Ssstt ..., tasty sir! "I was talking abysmally." ... A yo, Lis! Shake pan ju ... ga .. tatmu! Ooohhh ... "I followed Mr. Jali said. I tried to follow the rhythm and movements performed favors Mr. Jali. Smooth friction between stem Kont * l Pak Jali with pussy walls felt so good. "Ohhh ..., Lis! Yeah ... so ...! 

Te ... rus ... shake your ass! Uuuhh ..., oohh ..., yes ...! "Mr. Jali looked so enjoy our games. I saw his face upturned, eyes closed, as if permeates straw from my vagina. Every now and then from his lips came groans and hisses kenikmatan.Akupun also enjoyed steady poke-poke rod k * ntol Mr Jali. Even I hugged Mr. Jali muscular body tightly. Like do not want to quit the game. Sweat flowed freely through the pores of our bodies, so that the chest of Mr. Jali the fluffy looks shiny because of sweat. I do not think, apparently at the age of reaching half a century, Mr. Jali still have excellent stamina. To the extent that I was overwhelmed by the shake and poke her death.Until finally I felt something pulsing inside me. "Ooohh ..., sir! I ..., want to .. out ...! Ssshhhtt ..., Arrhhhggg ... "I can not longer hold something urgent came out of the womb. But Mr Jali continues Kont * lnya out swinging in and poking darbaku cave. And a few moments later, I felt the rod k * ntol Mr Jali started throbbing inside my vagina. Until finally .... "Aaaoouuhhh ..., Lis!Deliciously bangeet "thick white fluid gushed freely from the end of the cob Pak Jali. Pak Jalipun then dropped to my side. His breath seemed out of breath and looked exhausted. "Oh ..., Mr Jali!Dad was really great. Been a long time I did not feel the pleasure like this. Thank you yes sir! "Mr. Stump I Jali.Kusandarkan body hugging my head on the chest of Mr Jali stroking the soft fur lined neatly up into his groin. Mr Jali also gently stroked my hair a little sweat. Ah ..., was raped is not always bad. This time I was actually expecting more ...


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