Stories Adults | In School Children whisk | Recent Topics - adult stories for this time is about a schoolboy who likes ngocok! you want to be whipped? please enter the story Adultstimes, guaranteed you will definitely shake shake after reading! ehee This is her story Adultswho talked about the high school girl named Amalia a whisk made ​​me brake literacy. time it was the birthday of the school where I studied 2.5 years. anniversary of the school is a very happy day for our school students were there we were all ga dapet his deep learning and the course of 3 days in advance already envisioned for the day's events! school on the anniversary we held various events are very excited and ga lost fun sure sob! ranging from musical performances of various bands, various lomba2 like to race the race between modern dance class. But modern dance competitions are not held between classes, but antarangkatan that made ​​this event exciting is the supporter of masing2 class and inter-class argument to fist fights for their team jagokan! Usual stuff young people like our high-high ego again Ok back to events my school's anniversary begins at 9 am. But I came at 11 noon! Hehe .. Feedback is brat who likes the thrill and deliberately looked for my coming late just to watch the capital band2 modern dance and watch the race course. And finally the awaited coming too. grade 3 Modern dance class that my own generation consisting of 5 people. But what I know close only melia which has the full name Princess Amelia Candra. ohhh yeah i really have mengenalin someone else when I wrote belom acquaintance! ryo he .. name gw ga have sob full name deh ya ugly because: P The event starts from the appearance of class 1 and class 2 iikuti and the cover is a class 3. They're starting to get into the middle of the field. The clothes they wear pretty sexy. While in the belly is not open.The clothes they wear fairly tight course, accentuate their breasts new breasts 'grow'. enough to make him the disciples eyes bulging. With the accompaniment of techno songs they are all very young age I meliak-canting with sexy body. Along jump or move their sexy breasts swaying their beautiful and vibrate-vibrate! Beauty of the world seemed when it 's my only focused on melia. In addition because of her beautiful face, she also has a pretty sexy breasts of course. Long flowing hair adds sexy beautiful body. Although there are 1 friends dancernya team that I think is pretty Bohai too. Starting from larger breasts than melia, he also has a beefy thighs. However, my attention remained fixed on the melia. Naturally, I wrote merhatiin continues, I think that he is the sexiest girl physically and non.Setelah they bermodern dance fun and to excite in men, with sweat running down his forehead, neck and other parts, they soon change. melia soon to class to return mengenakn uniform. As stride walking, newly grown breasts wobbling. Then after he took the clothes out of her bag, she headed to the toilet to change. then I just follow behind him dr.Visible, bra straps nyeplak sweat that soaked into his body. wowww sedapnyo. Once inside, he went into the bathroom. Without realizing that her bra and panties black dalemnya fell in front of the bathroom door. Gue immediately bra's just take the CD that fall and immediately my grasp. I went into the bathroom to pee guy with a purpose without the intent to conceal the two goods. In my mind, I will give after I pee. Upon my urine, clay amelia me pacing around the bathroom. I immediately wrote tegor, "melia Nyari what?" "Eh lo ryo, this ya I looked for my cd sm pcs, lo lyat not?" "Ohhh, it mksd lo?" Immediately I tunjukin bra and CD. "Yeah, he ni that I was looking for. Ni lo find any where? ' "Ni tdi jatoh. Lo do not know ... " "Oh yawdh, thanks ya ryo. "Yes sm2 melia. '"Ywdh Honestly, I change first yah mo. Nih stifling. " "Why melia?" "Replace baaajuuu ... knp??Mo ikuuut?? "Ask amelia naughty. "Hhhee. EMG may melia?? " "Hmmm ..." Seeing him around.After that he immediately entered my nyruh 1 bathroom for him. "Ywdh let's go. ' "melia, I piss yah mo. Lo do not goofing off. "Immediately I opened my clana while ngebelakangin amelia. Then piss. melia and suddenly said "Oh my god. Ryo really big stuff (my dick) lo "I was shocked. "melia, arguably do not goofing off. Ko goofing off anyway? ' "Hhehe. Sorry ryo, abis not intentionally ... hehee boong ding, I was curious aja liat want ... " "Ah, lo dsar melia. Ywdh, change clothes before she mo change? ' "Ywdah" I was wearing my clana again. Amelia was busy undressing dancenya.Then his pants. Then her bra. Then the CD. Gue was merhatiin everything. "ryo Eh, do not ngeliatin come on over." While she covered her breasts with her ​​left hand that sekel. Then memiawnya ditutupin also recently opened the CD together. "Hehehe. I was also curious melia ... " "Curious?? " " Yes " "Lo also was curious about the same things I do you?" "Yeah" while she smiles. "melia, my breasts lo mo remes2 dong. Perhaps not? ' "Ha? Tai lo ryo. Weve lo whom my!' "wrote Bentar melia" "But I also pegang2 goods lo ya ryo? Let me be fair. " "Oh yawdah" and i was ngebuka my zipper. Nyingkap my CD. Then ngeluarin my dick. Gue with passion ngeremes2 amelia reply sekel breasts. But he made ​​little takut2 holding my dick. "Knp melia? Hold dong ... I wrote already holding breasts lo nih. Sekel really does melia breasts lo? ' "Ihh, hold ya I was the first guy stuff. Hahaha. " "Shh. Do kenceng2 ktawanya ... " and I tried to take her hand for holding my dick a little coercion pelan2 and finally, my dick was touched by the hand of amelia."Oowwhhh ... kocok2 dong melia ..." Pinta me. malu2 He was somewhat ngocok dick would fit me.Finally pelan2 he whipped my dick. I also said ngeremes2 her breasts. "Owwhhh ... delicious ... kinda kenceng dong melia hold it ..." "Yes ... ohh gede bgt ryo anyway?? Lo ngaceng ya dah ya?? " "Yeah already lah. In my breasts lo ngeremes2 already gini lust. Definitely ngaceng dah. '"... I isep melia yah lo breasts?? ' "Ihh, crazy lo ah." "Bentar ..." "Ywdah ... ya ..." he thrust her breasts into my mouth. But he ngelepasin kocokannya from my dick. "melia, while kocokin my dick dong well. Do berenti ... " "... yeah yeah ... Uwhh chatty lo ahh ..." He was my little dick ngocok cepet. "Aahhhh ... ohhhh ... bad meliaa ..." my voice sighed. Then I kenyot2 toketny. "Ahhh ... that cepet again melia ... oohh ... uuhhh ... ssshhh ..." while I kulum neck, then to her lips. "melia, sepongin dong a minute ..." "Ha?" "... enter your Sepongiiin my dick into his mouth lo kocokin use mouth ... then lo ... " "Aaahhh!! Gak ahh! Pake aja yah hands ryo? Nnti kpn2 deh. "Amelia refused. "Bentar nihh meliaa ... want ..." I pleaded. "Ah lo ryo. Ywdah, tp briefly wrote yes " "yes, until out ..." "Ahh, tp cum lo jgn dikeluarin my mouth!" "Yeah, if I do not ... nnti dah would squirt me pull my dick out of your mouth lo ..." "yaudah, cepet maen yaa. Scared ya I ntr same dicurigain anak2 laen. " "yes" jwab me. Amelia was squatting in front of me. Her mouth really fit my dick already berhadepan same. Gue was thrusting my dick into his mouth. Amelia was unquestionably lebar2 open his mouth. I continue to urge all my dick into his mouth amelia. After that he rapetin mouth and started moving her mouth back and forth while skali2 mainin tongue and lips make dick mijet2 me. dick I kerasa agak2 anget. Then there is also a nice lembek2 rasa2 derived from his tongue. was all I imbangin to participate gerak2in my dick back and forth."Ooohh ... meliaaa ... enaaaaaakkk ... mmmhhhhhh ... ooohhh ... sshhhh ..." while I belai2 rambutny that is not too long. "mmmhhhhh ... mmmmhh mhhhh ... ... "amelia was sighing smbil continue nyepongin my dick. "Ooohhhhhhhhh ... teeruusss meliaaaa ... ooohhh ... eeennnaaakkk ... continue melia ..." "... mmhhhh Mmhh ..." "Cepetin lagii meliaaa ..." pint Ague. "Mmmhhh ... mhhhh ... mmmhhhhhhmmhhhh ..." amelia was somewhat overwhelmed nyepongin sedkit my dick."aaahhhh ... ooouhhhcchhh ... yummy ... oowwwhhhwwwwwhhh meliaaa ... sshhhhhh" Amelia was further accelerate whisk her mouth on my mouth. I was mengimbangin with my dick in her mouth memajumundurkan. was so noticeably fast. Finally I've ngerasain cum if I'm going out. "Aaohhh ... meliaa ... I'm going out nihhhh ..." He quickly ngelepasin mouth from my dick. Then he stood up from a previous reply I nyepongin fitting in a squatting position. I reached for her right hand. Then I guided my dick for an already holding ngaceng krn really want to come out. "Kocokin the cepet melia ..." Amelia was shake my dick cepet. Fit him anymore ngocokin my dick, kissing my lips imut2, while kadang2 I remes2 her breasts are not too big sekel. Finally after 3 minutes dikocokin kira2 use his hands. "Aaarrghhhh ... cchhaaaaaa ... I mauuu keluarrrrr nihh ..." "Uwwhh, ywdah keluarin aja ryo ... "he was ngarahin dick cum let me into the loo I nnti directly to the waste into the toilet without cluttering the floor. "Aaarghhh ... oooooooooouhhhhhhhh ... sssssssshhhhhhhhhhh ... aaaaah ... I came out meliaaa ..." I finally cum came out. I squirt cum 7x.of starting many drop out until a drop. "Oouhwwww ... crazy ryo, loads of cum lo ... duuhh got my hands again ya ..." amelia was ngelepasin hand from my dick. Then she got cum ngebersihin hand me a little wear aer in the bucket. "Uuffhh melia ya ... yeah, I've long does not colai ... but finally now I even dicoliin same lo ... tired ... ya melia melia bersihin me ya dong cum little more use mouth lo ... "I begged kea ca. "What?" amelia shocked. "Jilatin ya little dick my end, it is still ad sisa2 pejunya ..." "ick lazy. Not ah. Disgusted me. " "Well, ya responsibility melia ... little more""Gak. Nnti aja yah kapan2 ryo ... "amelia give hope. "Huh. Dsar lo melia. Responsibility too ya.Ywdah deh. " "Here I clean the cum lo here aja ya." said Amelia as she Nyiramin aer to the palace lavatories previously much my cum. Having Nyiramin my cum scattered on wc, amelia was again changed. So did I. I was wearing my palace again then my pants zipper. Gue perhatiin amelia. He kleiatan sexy. One by one he was wearing clothes. Starting from a black colored pants dalemnya.Bra which is also black. But he was a bit difficult when it comes to hooking her bra. Then he asked for my help. "ryo please pakein dong." He had his back to me asking for hooking her bra hook. "But there is a condition yaa ..." I said ngeledek. "Terms hell? ' "Guess dong" "Well what is it. Do not know ah! Hurry pakein already! "He was a little bit stubborn. "That's that." I was pointed toward memiawnya. "Ohh ... lo these same ngewe want me?" amelia was asked in a little bit surprised. "IAA, I want ngewe sm melia lo ... blh ga? ' "lo Anjjrriitt ryo, what is still lacking that skrg? ' "Less laaaah nyicipin body ... I want lo use my dick ..." "Aaaaaaaahhh" "Sssstt, do not kenceng2 melia ... Ayoo dong meliaaaa ... kpn2 yaaahh?? Ga now anyway ... "I said beg again."Ryoo laaahh I'm still virgin." "Ahh yakinnn lo?? " " YES! " "If from my breasts lo grasp that wealth was still virgin deh lo ve ga ..." "Huh? Know where lo??? " "Yes laaahh know, if toket virgin girl who already ga tuh already a little bit saggy, too sekel really ga ..." "mad Hahhha lo, already rich matter experts nih beginian". While he was busy tidying up her dress. "Yes dong, why would nyoba ngewe same kapan2 I not? ' "Hmmm how yaaaaa, yaa later wrote deehhh clay". As I look in the mirror, smoothing down hair and tiny fringe. "Yawdahhh nnti kpn2 we try yaa??" Said I sure. "Yeah ahh, ywdah, I want to return to the first anak2 ya. I ntr dicurigain again dressed doang really really long time. "He opened the door and stepped out of the shower. "Sipp, ati2 lo.Thankss meliaa up handjob and blowjob lo ... Hehhhe "" Haahh, if ya going bad if I ML him later "I thought. , and after a few minutes I came out of the toilet feeling sorry wandered over! usual stuff later regret always comes first and NEVER! ryo wished? he ... sorry why ya ga forced me to immediately wrote ngajakin melia gay! hahahaha ... he nominated if the girls are fitting in the same gay gw melia, but i have an obsession for virgins ngedapetin melia bagaimapun the way i have the first fucking if she was a virgin! OK deh sob story that much once mature sex from me going there later Adults Children School Sex Story Part 2! wait aja ya sob


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