Stories Adults | Peak Birahi The Membara | Recent Topics : Peak Birahi threesome is a threesome or swing experiences with colleagues. for those of you lovers who want to know the behavior or the behavior of a threesome or swing, following adult sex stories "peak threesome lust 'more: Me and the wife do a threesome for the first time with one of his colleagues who happened to be a city guy with me. Friend invites me to swing. course I welcome the offer. Understandably swinglah fact that I wanted it for the first time. Yet there we had to do before executing the swing, which set up a strategy to persuade Ida (wife of fellow's name). because Ida never do 3some or swing. Well lo ...! There is homework for me. while from my wife, I'm pretty sure that my wife would be willing, though I know there are going to condition the opponent "main" it is in accordance with the tastes of my wife. I am the lucky man . Behind her beauty and her beauty, tucked myriad desire to vary the sex was outstanding. Well ... of course all thanks to my persistence to persuade even take 1 more year. strategies did we get after deliberation (Emangnya cuman board members wrote that deliberation ) between me, my wife and this fellow. naughty my wife is also yes. Awas not be ngeledek. Just as promised, the car we were riding and walking in the middle of the city at night. goal first is the second left our children same eyangnya. (That's what grandparents. then the four of us into a 3 star hotel. was not checked in lo, but the karaoke room. immediately if checked, Myspace script so dispersed. the temper, the operator teaches us how to set lagu2. Done ! operator was out of the room. Beverages also available. Gak's no alcohol, knowing we were good people. Actions else we run. After singing two songs, I started my action with my beloved wife kiss on the forehead in front of colleagues is and his wife Ida. strike then down to kiss my cheek. subsequent kiss landed on my wife's lips. we were crushing each other, lick each other, touch each other. But what's more, because my wife again coming months. heard my wife sigh interrupted- interrupted the music. deliberately harden my wife I think that Ida desahannya so follow aroused. Sure enough, a few minutes later, this fellow seemed to have crushed his beloved wife's lips. first plan runs smoothly. then this fellow's wife invited me to dance together in front of the screen while Pop music is a music stream. matched and matched so it wrote. colleague's wife hugged me warmly. Similarly, my wife's co-hugging colleagues. occasionally touching their cheeks long enough. Sometimes their noses were touching. wonder what is on their minds . Though dimly lit, but they look at each other. while me and Ida just sitting on the couch watching them both. Though I was hesitant to try to sit a little closer to the Ida and invite her to chat. Honestly, I have not dared to touch . After a while we were talking, my view was switched to my beloved wife. Woouww ...!!! Apparently my wife had taken off his T-shirt sexy. I lost a moment to watch my wife moments before releasing her clothes other men. And that's the moment I'm most looking forward to. Due lust made ​​me get up. But yes it is, what can I say more. now my wife is wearing only a black bra and tight jeans only. bellied not my wife with a beautiful ass and skin soft look so fascinating. Moreover noticed he was in the arms of another man while standing. well I'm so excited to see it. Ku invited Ida to come dance. Gratitude he wants. Ida hug me tightly. Ku try to remove her clothes. Again Again he did not mind. now he's the same as my wife, do not wear clothes. Ku my eyes off to my wife. Geez, I lost the moment again. Apparently my wife had taken off her bra too. Whom release, my own wife , or the man who held her? They still cuddle while dancing. Occasionally this man wringing my wife's breasts and even licking. looked menggelinyang hold my wife pleasure arising in him. I do not want to miss, now I have dared to let go bra Ida. Click ... one passage only a black bra that I had managed to remove it. Starting knead my breasts belong to a pair of Ida. puttingnya I circled, my occasional lick. moment later I had crushed Ida's lips. played my tongue inside my mouth man's wife . Though not sigh, he remains my lumatan reply. Our tongues clashing to cause vibrations full of delights. sudden this fellow releasing his arms from my wife to further serve his own wife. course I switch back and hugged my wife alone . Our lips were crushed together. started my wife's hand-wringing that has hardened rod groin outside my pants. Ku guided my beloved wife to serve me on the couch. Deftly my wife started to take off one by one all the clothes that I wear. I sat on the couch, my wife was taking a squatting position on the floor and ready to suck me k **** l. Slurrppp .....! k **** l my now resides in my wife's mouth. the naughty he began to move his head up and down. course I feel incredible pleasure. Sometimes my wife licking rod groin up to the hilt like being licked ice cream. pinned her lips to my head k **** l, a moment later his right hand whisk k-ngocok l **** me as if to ask me to spill my semen in her mouth. while his left hand plays my nipples. Woww ... incredible joy. Turning to this fellow. they've been on the couch. His wife sat on a sofa , while the husband's right to squat facing his wife's pussy. leluasanya he started eating the "meal" served his wife. His wife seemed to enjoy every touch created by her husband. Satisfied perform oral, without commandeered, Ida leaned even take a position on the couch and opened her legs wide as a sign invited to "enter". Blesss ... in an instant k **** l man has been in his wife's pleasure hole. Whilst I can only be satisfied with just my wife kuluman wringing my wife's breasts . Understandably, again coming months. He .. he. Yet I can still feel the pleasure given my wife. Absolutely great my wife. colleague began pumping his wife's body. was fast movements, knowing already 20 years of marriage. So 've memorized outside the head. Hua .. hua .. hua.


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