Stories Adult - Nurse had sex with patient was ~ Topics Latest - This event takes place in early April 1990 and at the time of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) are endemic. Well, I was also exposed to the dengue disease.

Stories Adults - morning, after waking up, I felt dizzy all, high body temperature and sore all over. And yesterday afternoon, I was still able to drive my car as usual, without any interruption.The next afternoon, as my condition worsened, I finally went to the emergency room (ER) a famous hospital in Jakarta. When I check the blood in the clinical laboratory at the hospital, it turned out my platelets dropped away to almost half of normal platelets. Finally, because I do not want to bear the risk, that afternoon I had to alias hospitalization are hospitalized. room I gained in the first grade. It was the only room that was available at the hospital. Other rooms are fully occupied patients, most of whom also suffered from dengue fever like me. In that room there were two beds, one mine and one for a patient again, of course guy dong well. If she's going to be a riot tuh! From the results I was chatting with her, discovered that she was sick symptoms of typhoid. Finally, I spent the night lying in the hospital. I feel bored at all. Though I had a few hours there. But fortunately, my roommate happy to chat. So do not feel, before I know the clock is showing eleven. In addition to the already sleepy eyes, we both also rebuked by a nun and was advised that rest. Me and my new friend was sleeping. was so soundly I sleep, I was shocked at the awakened by a nurse. Crazy! Sister this one is gorgeous, although a bit chunky but toned body. I do not believe that a nurse in front of me. I'm straight-ngucek rubbed my eyes. Ick, that's right! I'm not dreaming! I had read the name tag on his chest that is unfortunately not so bloated, named Vika (not her real name). Mas, it's morning. It's time to get up, said Sister Vika.Nggg with little reluctance I finally get up the eyes though still felt it was time for a shower berat.Sekarang, Mas, said Sister Vika lagi.Oh yes. Sister, I borrow his towel deh. I take a shower in the room mandi.Lho, the Mas while yet be up first out of bed each dokter.Jadi? Thus my Mas mandiin.Dimandiin? Wow, fun to think anyway. I last bathed when I was little by my mama. Upon closing the white curtains surrounding the bed, Sister Vika prepared two pieces of plastic basin of warm water. Then there was another plastic cup of warm water to brush your teeth well and a small plastic bowl as a place of exile. First of all times, the pretty nurse asked me to brush my teeth first. Okay, now Mas open his shirt and lie down deh, said Sister Vika again, help me let go I wear shirts without disturbing the IV connected to my wrist. Then I lay down on the bed. Sister Vika held a towel on top of my thigh. With the kind of gloves made ​​from a towel, Sister Vika started lathering my body with soap that I brought from home. Ah, feels a strange feeling ran through my body as his hands were soft soaping the middle of my chest. When Sister Vika hands drop to my stomach, I felt movement in my legs. Gosh! Apparently rod groin strain! I was scared just in case Sister Vika see this. Uh, fortunately, it seems he does not know. Apparently I started a sweep of the hand, stimulated by Sister Vika still soaped my stomach. Then I asked turned, and Sister Vika began soaping my back, make my cock hardened. Finally, punishment (or pleasure) was over already. Sister Vika dried me with a towel after cleaning soap that enveloped my body with warm water. Well, now try Mas open his pants. I want mandiin feet Mas.Tapi, Sister I tried membantahnya.Celaka, pikirku.Kalau opened up my pants kept Sister Vika see the tension rod groin, where my face would put ini.Nggak okay, Mas. Do not be shy. I used mandiin patients. Not men, not women, everything. Finally, covered only with a towel in the crotch, I took off my shorts and underwear. This makes stem groin appear more prominent behind the towel. What a mess, I noticed a change in the face of Sister Vika see it bulge. My face was so flushed made. Sister Vika seemed momentarily stunned the tension rod groin progressively worse. I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable, until Sister Vika soaping my body will return the bottom. Sister Vika menelusupkan his gloved hand covered with soap under the towel covering my crotch. At first he soaped bottom around my stomach and groin. Suddenly his hand accidentally brushed a straight rod groin be increased up to harden. Suddenly Sister Vika hand holding pretty tight groin. I saw a knowing smile on his face. menggerinjal-gerinjal I started when Sister Vika started rub his smooth up and down on his manhood rods. Faster and faster. While my eyes widened like a demon.Measuring rod groin which is long enough and large enough diameter Sister Vika still toyed with his hands.

Stories Adult - Nurse had sex with patient was ~ Topics Latest - Due passion began menggerayangiku, arms flailing to the chest Sister Vika. Like to know what I mean, Sister Vika hand closer to his chest. Ouh, tasted delicious hand-wringing Sister Vika breasts are soft and rubbery. Indeed, small breasts, my crush is only 32. But the name is woman's breasts, however small, still arouse lust anyone touch him. Meanwhile, Sister Vika with a little body shaking with squeeze-squeeze my hand on her breast, still engrossed shake-ngocok groin. Until finally I felt almost reached climax. Water cum, I felt almost burst out of the groin. But intentionally, Sister Vika stop playing. I took a breath, a little irritated due klimaksku being delayed. But Sister Vika even smile. This little kedongkolanku eliminate it. thing you know, pulled a towel covering my crotch, making stem groin had it plastered towering freely without any clothes covered by a sheet. Soon, stem groin began devoured by Sister Vika. Her mouth was like a tiny rubber capable of sucking almost all stem groin, made ​​as if thrown into the seventh heaven unequaled pleasure.Ferociously, Sister Vika menyedoti groin mouth, as if to swallow up the entire contents of the groin. My body shook made. And nan beautiful sisters still suck and suck my vital tool is. Stories Adults - Not satisfied there, Sister Vika began ascending-down head, making my cock out almost half of it in his mouth, but then go again. So it went over and over and accelerating. Friction that occurs between the surface of the wall groin Sister Vika mouth makes me almost to a climax for the second time. Moreover, coupled with Sister Vika mouth game increasing ferocity. Several times I sighed a sigh. But again, Sister Vika stopped again, smiling. I just wonder, wondering what he would do. I was surprised when I saw Sister Vika seems to be running away from my bed. But like being teased, he turned to me. He pulled the hem of the skirt upwards and releasing nurse panties she wore beige. Seeing the two blobs ass was not so great but the rounded mouth and tight, make me swallow saliva. Then he turned to face me. Under the taut belly, no fat folds at all, despite his rather stocky, I saw that his cock was still narrow canal surrounded by fine hairs are quite dense and looks refreshing. Patient Stories Adults Sister Feat Sister Feat Patient Stories Hot Hot Sister Story Feat Patient No surprise, Sister Vika suddenly climbed onto the bed and straddled my legs squatting. Then his back holding rod groin and guided into the vagina cock.After feeling fit, he lowered his ass, so the rod groin disappear into the hole to the base of his cock. At first a bit stilted because it's so narrow burrow Sister Vika pleasure. But as more and more clear liquid soaks pussy hole wall, the rod groin becomes easily get all into it. hands started to unbutton his shirt Sister Vika. After I took off the bra she was wearing, menyembullah out small but rounded breasts with her ​​nipples and hardened high enough. With excitement, I squeezed her breasts are supple. Her nipples did not miss kujamah. Sister Vika menggerinjal-gerinjal intermittently when the thumb and index finger twisting and pinching her nipples pinched-so tempting. Coupled with a circular motion, ascending-down Sister Vika are slim ass on the crotch.Stem groin go out with joy in the hole that his cock throbbed and grew wet. Stem groin pubic walls clamped by Sister Vika continue to allow stem groin with a faster tempo pierced into it.Accelerated increase pleasure friction that occurs. Finally, for the third time I've been to a climax soon. I was a little worried that it was delayed again klimaksku. , however this time, it looks Sister Vika would not make me disappointed. So feel my dick started throbbing fast, as fast as lightning rod groin he removed from the hole and moved his cock into her mouth. Klimaksku grew rapidly coming due kuluman-kuluman gorgeous nurse's mouth so heavily logged. And Crot Crot Crot several water spurting cum in mouth and some melelehi Sister Vika zakarku fruit. As the thirsty, Sister Vika swallowing almost all the liquid pleasure This, then licked the rest smeared around my cock clean. Suddenly the curtains parted. Me and Sister Vika looked shocked. Sister Mimi who was bathing my roommate came into. He stared for a moment to see what we are doing both. But a moment later he seems to be informed on what is going on and even went to bed. With a pleading look on his face, he looked at Sister Vika. Vika Sister Sister Mimi understand what intentions. He jumped down from the bed and closed the curtains again. Nurse Mimi sweet-faced, though not as pretty as Sister Vika, now turns licking the entire surface of the stem groin. Then, the rod already strained groin again ambushed his mouth. For the second time, the stem groin that seems to challenge every woman who saw the victim lumatan. This time Sister Mimi mouth no less fierce with Sister Vika, start-nyedot suck my dick. While one segment disodokkan finger into the hole anusku. A little sick indeed, but fantastic joy. Satisfied with lahapannya the groin. Sister Mimi back up. His hands were open for shirt buttons one by one nurse was wearing, so she stayed wearing a bra and panties. I did not expect, a slender, Sister Mimi has much larger breasts than yours Sister Vika, about 36 in size. Breast montoknya so it seemed to want to jump out of her bra in the conventional stylized it. Although not among the biggest breasts I've ever seen, but I think it's breast Sister Mimi including the most beautiful breasts. I realize that kept staring at her breasts bulging, Sister Mimi opened her bra strap. True, big breasts dangling on his chest, white plump and smooth. The feeling like I enjoy breast. desire but apparently it was not granted. After removing her panties, as was done by Sister Vika, Sister Mimi, with naked up on my bed and then directs stem groin into his cock hole that is slightly wider than Sister Vika but has feathers that are not so dense. Finally, a second rod sunk into the groin vulva. Indeed, more flexible rod groin pubic Sister Mimi enters burrows rather than pubic Sister Vika said. As Sister Vika, Sister Mimi also began rising-butt down and make my dick recoils had his cock out of the hole yet again direct inclusion. Unable to stand idle, Sister Vika mouth began to spread breast colleagues. Julur sticking her tongue like a snake's tongue-licking both nipples Sister Mimi that although high but not as high as hardened nipples themselves. I see, Sister Mimi closed her eyes, enjoying the intercourse which seemed to him to fly to the clouds. He is pervading pleasure that comes from two directions. From below, from the constant cock still dihujam rod groin, and from the top, of the breasts are still engrossed crushed his mouth. Suddenly the curtains parted again. However, these three beings who are brought very lust-Bulak membulak no attention. It turns out that goes is the naked roommate. Because he feels aroused, he seems to forget he suffered typhoid symptoms. After closing the curtains, he approached Sister Vika from behind.Sister Vika little shocked when his cock forward, who had been stabbed trunk wide open virility roommate from behind, and he removed his mouth from the breast sister Mimi. Then lightly, as he continued to fuck Sister Vika, my roommate's sister voluptuous body was lifted out of the curtain and went to her own bed. Since then I do not know what happened between him and Sister Vika.All I hear is a sigh-sigh and sound of panting breath of two people of the opposite sex from behind the curtain, still beside himself immersed in the pleasures of sex games with my sister Mimi. Trunk groin still explore freely in the hole pubic Sister Mimi the faster the twirling motion and moved his ass up and down. Shortly thereafter, we both mengejang.Suster I'm going out I was breathing in the course engah.Ah keluarin Mas said Sister gerinjalan Mimi.Akhirnya with hard water combined with liquid pleasure cum sister Mimi in the cock pit. I was so tired, Sister Mimi sat down in the crotch with a rod groin is still stuck in the cock pit. We both laughed in delight. while from behind the curtain was the sound of a pair of creature comforts-the fun was busy making love without a care in the world. Exactly a week later, I was declared cured of fever I suffered and allowed to go home. It makes me sorry, was going to lose two sisters who have given me an unparalleled pleasure several times. Today I was alone at home and was busy reading a new magazine Gatra handyman magazine I bought at near rumah.Ting tong my doorbell is pressed the . I opened the door. Gosh! Turns out that was behind the door were two beautiful girls that I've been desire, Sister Vika and sister Mimi. Both of these beautiful creatures are both wearing T-shirts, making the contours of their bodies that are both beautiful becomes more attractive again with their breasts which, although different in size, but equally rounded and firm. While Sister Vika with a pair of tight jeans, making a plump ass more exciting, in addition to Sister Mimi wearing a mini skirt a few inches above the knee that showed off her legs were white and smooth without blemishes. Both became the scene of savory course be longing for release. Without wanting to waste time, I'm taking them both into the bedroom.


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