Video Immoral, Pair of Youth Entitled 'SKP' Make Heboh - Video Immoral , Pair of Youth Entitled 'SKP' Make Heboh - Not stopping stopping, Case obscene video involving a couple of teenagers in Indonesia as though do not go over. This time the video scenes indecent spread and circulate in Banyuwangi. Culprit pair of teenagers who are related like a married couple in abathroom. 

Squire ABG: Video nasty titled 'assessments' that spreads via bluetooth from HP one facility to another HP . 3gp video format is spreading in the region last week Banyuwangi. Especially Srono District. The title 'SKP' alleged offender residence code originated. nasty video look at the young men and women who were nasty scenes in a bathroom. At the beginning of the opening become visible faces of the two actors. Starring such men were busy putting HP in the right position in the state on the record. "face both clearly visible," said a young man from claiming Srono District benama Pradana, on, Saturday (01/12/2013). Scene after scene is done two inexperienced teens. That makes sad. At the end of the video player flirtatious woman smiling in front of the camera phone. As if not having the burden of what he had just done. Presumably this scene done Sukopuro lovers from the village, District Srono. Information mentioned cast none other male students from a Madrash Aliyah. While the identity of the female lead is not yet clear.Residents hope the police can immediately reveal who the actors in the video berduras is 12 minutes 55 seconds. Since the video was spreading obscene and disturbing the public. "We asked the police to uncover and capture video starring mesumtersebut," insisted Yanto (50), a resident of District Srono.


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